The Internet is a fast-growing, immense network of computers offering users access to immeasurable resources world-wide. Once connected, you can browse home pages of people, companies, universities, governments and special interest groups around the globe. Plus, the multitude of Usenet Newsgroups allow you to exchange views and comments with people of similar interests. And, each dial-up account includes an Internet e-mail address for you to message people and exchange files world-wide. All with a local call!

All subscribers must read and understand our Acceptable Use Policy

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Help Desk.
We offer a user support Help Desk to assist with connection or software difficulties, open 24-hours per day, 7-days per week. Call (800) 232-7094.

Direct Connections.
Direct connections are available for businesses that have high usage needs. We can even help route Internet access to your in-house computer network.
Flexible & Affordable.
Choose the Internet Access Plan that is right for you. 

Click Here for information on fast, continuous ADSL Internet service from HersheyTel.Net.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES. Ask us about these additional services available from Hersheytel Net:

Additional E-mail accounts ... one for each family member or company department!
Direct connections for commercial/business purposes.
Personal and Commercial Internet Home Pages.



Call Hersheytel Net Customer Service: 308-368-5561
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Important Notes about Hersheytel Net Internet Access Service

1. Connection rates are subject to change.
2. Discounts are available for multiple subscriptions.
3. No fee for upgrading plans.
4. Terms and conditions for your Internet service are stated in your "
Hersheytel Net User Agreement" and "Acceptable Use Policy".

Statement of Detariff Wireline Broadband Internet Service

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