System Information About HERSHEYTEL.NET
In this area you will find information posted from time to time about  It's a helpful way for us to keep you informed of system events and changes.  The newest messages will be on the top of this list. 

6/24/00 - Our system is now fully active and subscribers are coming online.  If you're having connection difficulty, contact the Help Desk at 800-628-5989.
6/8/00 - Our full T1 access to Sprint/MCI/Worldcom Internet backbone was activated in preparation for our service in Hershey.  Final equipment configuration and testing will take place with expected public system turn-up set for June 20.
5/23/00 -  A new Linux-based server and identical back-up server were installed at Hershey Telephone in preparation of the new Internet Service offering.  We have also installed sufficient 3Com/USR X2-V90 modems that we should experience no busy signal problems when the service is activated in June.